Motobike 2017 fair was successfully held between 23-26 February 2017 and the Kuba, RKS, Benelli and Arctic Cat models of the MJ Group were also on display. Our brands and models of great interest and acclaim throughout the fair were serious from the beginning to the end of the fair. managed to attract a visitor community.

Motorcycle sales leader Kuba Motor; with the models exhibited in the fair in the new year was very ambitious. In addition to its proven models in all motorcycle categories, Kuba Motor, which has a strong interest in new models that will take place in the market in the new year, aims to satisfy all motorcycle users in 2017 by performing serious work in terms of both economic and quality.

Which holds 70 percent of Turkey’s ATV market in the ATV class and this category is determined not to leave the leadership to anyone Kuba engine and top 3 Arctic Cat’s new models, one of the ATVs brands in the world were met with great interest. At the ATV races organized by TMF, Kuba Motor and Arctic Cat; It has shown that leadership is determined to protect for a long time.

Benelli has been a big fan since 2015. In addition to the TNT 25, TNT 250, TNT 600 and Zafferano models that were introduced to the market in 2015, Benelli also displayed the TRK 502 model which was first seen in Milan and everyone waited impatiently. . The model that attracts a lot of attention has given more signals that it will reach a serious audience in the coming period.

RKS, which started to be designed by Benelli and has continued its way by adding Italian quality and design to its proven quality, has attracted great attention especially with RN 180 model. Titanic model, which is the flagship of the brand, and Titanic 150-S, which is the improved model, managed to attract the likes as expected.

Our brand managed to become a monument to stability by maintaining its leadership position in the motorcycle market in 2016. Turkey is also a major worry for 2017 and was able to arouse expectations. By 2016, the MJ Group Family has always shown that it will work hard to maintain its top position in 2017, which has always been a challenge for motorcycle users.