Project Description

New Generation Passion

With RN3, you get a whole new experience by combining your passion for both bicycles and electric vehicles.

Comfort Drives

The RN3 model is designed with the user in mind in all its lines and is produced in high quality that will not tire you even on long journeys.

Powerful Lighting

The RN3 is equipped with powerful lighting technology so that you can enjoy your electric bicycle passion at any time of the day.


Engine 250W
Battery Tianneng 36V 8.8AH
Top Speed 25 km/h
Battery Power 110V/220V 50-60 Hz
Range 40 km.
Front / Rear Brake V Brake / V Brake
Front / Rear Tire 26 x 1.75
Charging Time 4-6 Hours
Charger 36V2A
Size 20″
Dimensions 1880 x 660 x 1100 mm.
Net Weight 27 kg.
Maximum Weight 75 kg.
Frame Steel
Shifter 7S Shimano

* RKS; reserves the right to process the product specifications, color and permits.