What Are The Controls That A Motorcycle User Should Do Before Driving?

  • Handlebar; check direction and connection status.
  • Brakes; make sure that the lever / pedal pulling distance and working level are sufficient.
  • Tire; check the air pressures.
  • Gasoline; check that there is sufficient fuel in the tank and any leaks.
  • Lighting; check that all lighting and warning lamps are illuminated.
  • Horn; check if it works.
  • Engine oil; check the level, the missing oil will cause the engine to overheat.
  • Gas flares; make sure that there is no jerking at the moment of movement and does not make any tangles in the handlebar movement.
  • Middle and side table; check the springs.

What Should Be Considered For Safe Driving?

  • In the event of a possible accident, it is imperative that the engine be inspected prior to the journey in order not to cause any damage to the parts of your engine.
  • You must have a driving license to use your engine. Besides, you must have sufficient experience before getting on the traffic.
  • Wear bright, light-colored clothing while driving to avoid a possible accident caused by other vehicle drivers.
  • Exactly follow the traffic rules. Set your speed according to the traffic rules and road conditions. At the same time, because of the slippery ground in rainy weather, use it more slowly and carefully.
  • While driving, both hands must be on the handrails and on both feet of the foot.
  • You should wear protective clothing such as helmets, gloves and goggles while driving. At the same time the passenger should also wear a helmet. Long, hanging clothing must not be worn on wheels, foot rails and grips.

How To Store Your Vehicle?

Please consider the following recommendations if you will not use your motorcycle for a long time.

  • Drain engine oil.
  • Drain all gasoline from the gas tank and apply anti-rust to the tank.
  • Remove the spark plug and drain 15-20 ml of motor oil into the cylinder. Turn the ignition OFF and press the starter pedal several times and replace the spark plug.
  • Remove the battery and if you charge it once a month you will maintain the battery’s performance.
  • Clean your motorcycle and apply anti-rust on parts that are likely to rust.
  • Check the tire pressure and press air if necessary to stop the tire from contacting the ground.
  • Cover the motorcycle with any cover or cover.