Quality Policy

  • To maintain and improve our ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System and to monitor the results with measurable, comparable data.
  • Our most important resource is human resources. For this purpose, to equip our employees with trainings, to ensure their participation, to enrich the potential and to provide ergonomic working conditions to our employees in all units.
  • Our strategic partners to develop our mutual business relations with our dealers, services and suppliers and to be in close cooperation with them, to grow and develop with them.
  • To provide measurable improvements at every stage of our processes, to be in an innovative and competitive line, to advance with goals, to continuously improve the systems, to ensure the continuity of development in our products and human resources, to adopt continuous improvement as a way of life.

Environment Policy

  • To comply with all environmental regulations and other requirements when performing our activities,
  • To continuously improve our environmental performance by increasing environmental awareness of our employees,
  • To use global resources efficiently and to encourage recovery,
  • Preventing environmental pollution or minimizing its source by ensuring control of our wastes,
  • First of all, starting from working units to protect the natural environment and leave a habitable nature to future generations.