MJ Group is the best group in Turkey for motorcycle sector and MJ Group has three brands; Kuba, RKS and Benelli. Our brands KUBA and RKS; located at the Turkey, Gaziantep city 4th Industry State Area and about 35.000 m2 close area. We have production capacity for 120.000 units motorcycles and 50.000 units e-bikes a year, which currently 500 workers in official and normal employes. Also we have 300 dealers and 400 service in all round the Turkey. Together with that we are producing our all products according European and world standards technologic. Our company every year increasing the sales quantities and keep the marketshare with our KUBA and RKS brands. Also we have second assembling factory located at Izmir area Manisa city with 200 workers and 10.000 m2 close area.

Our company also gives importance to time as well, same as quality in products and services. We held a warehouse in the Istanbul City for faster deliveries to the our dealers. We are delivering products to Istanbul city and near areas from Istanbul warehouse.

Our company started production in 2018 in our second factory located in Izmir city where it was completed in 2017. Our new factory located in 15.000 m2 close area.

Our new factory, which currently 105 workers in official and normal employes, has started mass production and will have a big place and big help for our company to make export. Our Izmir factory producing all the products according European and World standarts technologics and our both factories has working under ISO 9001 : 2015 standarts.

KUBA and RKS have been improved between %30 to %40 from 2004 then 2011 year. After 2011 our brands have been sales leader in Turkey market until 2018. Our roughly quantity per year is 60.000 units between 2011 to 2018 years.

Our company by the way distrubuttor of the Italy Benelli brand in Turkey. Benelli brand from past years shows grow up graffic because of investment a lot the R&D and make new models every year. To come to best place in the countries which Benelli have always support to the partners. Benelli brand has production in Italy and China. Also had a agreement with our company to make production in our factory start from 2017 year at Turkey.